by Cheri Hildreth Watts

This informal association founded by University of Louisville and University of Kentucky will meet 2 times per year (Spring and Fall) in Louisville, Kentucky at the Executive West Hotel to discuss matters of mutual interest to EHS directors at universities. The purpose of the Directors Roundtable is the timely sharing of information related to management and operation of EH&S units. Members will be limited to individuals with overall EH&S responsibility at their institutions. This is a regionally diverse group, as invitations were initially sent to over 35 schools from 20 different states with a majority of the schools coming from the midwest, northeast and southeast. The inaugural meeting was held in Louisville, KY on November 11 & 12, 1998 with 17 EHS Director's from 13 different states attending. Attendance and interest in this group has continued to increase as we had over 20 EHS Directors from 18 different states in attendance at the 6th bi-annual meeting in Spring of 2001!

Meetings are loosely structured with a minimum of formal presentations and an emphasis on discussion and information exchange ( everyone is expected to bring copies of something to share with the group). Participation is intended to help directors stay in touch with issues facing their sister institutions and to provide a forum for discussion of a wide range of policy matters.

A core group of ~ 20 members have been identified and they will be responsible for determining meeting dates, locations, agendas and other logistics associated with the EHS Director's Roundtable meetings. These meetings will be open to members only, but special invitations will be extended, if necessary to insure at least 20-25 participants at each meeting. A registration fee will be charged for administrative costs as well as the costs of group meals, refreshments, etc. The EHS Director's Roundtable will have no regular dues.

**NOTE: First time attendees at EHS Director's Roundtable are asked to bring copies of their organizational chart and to complete an institutional profile form which will be sent out with the registration packets. The profiles of all attending organizations are compiled and distributed to maximize networking and follow up with fellow EHS Directors' after the Roundtable.

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